Comparison corona cases internationally

Text by Regula Heinzelmann
October 2020




This Australian study explains why civil rights restrictions are unsuccessful. It makes more sense to disinfect surfaces and hands often enough. The corona virus often survives for a long time.




Good luck to the Trump family and their employees.


President Trump has always been accused of the fact that his loose corona policy leads to many deaths. Now I have compared that with Spain, which had a strict lockdown policy. Sources:


For example, Sweden has had liberal politics for a long time, but has fewer corona cases than countries that prescribed a lockdown from the start.


In terms of population, there was about the same number of corona deceased in the USA as in Spain despite the tough lockdown, namely 0.06%. In both countries, it can be assumed that many died with Corona, rather than with Corona, and some even got infected in clinics.


These German statistics are also interesting.

It shows that the United States was the place where most tests were done.


It is to ask whether lockdown measures do more harm than good. The resulting economic crisis should not be underestimated. President Trump avoided panic - important principle of crisis management - and declared himself that medicine should not be more harmful than disease.






painted and photographed by Regula Heinzelmann 


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