Climate hypocrisy 2023


Text by Regula Heinzelmann



November 30, 2023


Today starts the Investment COP 2023, hosted by the World Climate Foundation, returns on 7-8 December alongside COP28 in Dubai.



In a message released just now, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell outlined some of the key priorities for COP28. Here’s a short excerpt:


“It’s great that over 160 world leaders are coming, but COP28 cannot be just a photo-op.  Leaders must deliver in Dubai – the message is clear. And as leaders leave Dubai after the opening Summit, their message to their negotiators must be equally clear: don’t come home without a deal that will make a real difference.”



Private Jets


Delegates like to come to such conferences by private jets. This, of course, is the height of climate hypocrisy. UNO encourage to plan the travel with public transportation whenever possible. Visitors to the Blue Zone and Green Zone can use various transit modes, such as the Dubai Metro and Dubai Bus to travel to the COP28 site. For Blue Zone delegates, free public transportation is available through special edition Nol cards.



As the 70,000 delegates expected to attend COP28 descend on the gleaming Emirati city of Dubai, governments are preparing for marathon negotiations on whether to agree, for the first time, to phase out the world’s use of CO2-emitting coal, oil and gas.


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Countries at the UN’s COP28 climate summit hope to clinch an early deal on a new fund to pay for climate-caused damage, aiming to muster some political goodwill before talks turn to divisive topics including the future of fossil fuels.


A global redistribution of financial resources was already provided for in the Potsdam memorandum in 2007. This was called Great Transformation, not a conspiracy theory, even if the word seems like it. The costs were calculated over 10 years ago - 1,000 billion US $ per year until 2030, afterwards more.


One 2018 study estimated losses from climate change could cost vulnerable nations between $290 billion and $580 billion by 2030. The costs of the Great Transformation were calculated 2010 - 1,000 billion US $ per year until 2030, afterwards more.


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The money could be better used for real environmental protection, e.g. to make environmental technology available worldwide. We are still a long way from that.



No scientific consensus on climate


There are many different theories about the climate. For 10 days of correct weather forecasts, you need high-performance computers. Longer-term climate forecasts are impossible, for the IPCC and also for its critics, who have been discriminated against for years. But the CO2 thesis is a great business.


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