The middle class is the pillar of the economy!  









The following text was written before the Corona crisis spilled over to Europe.

If we let them go bankrupt, you will see afterwards that important services are becoming scarce and even missing. Tax revenues would also decrease. The corona crisis will show:


The middle class is indispensable for the economy!




21.1. 2020



It is you who protect the environment!


Climate hysterics need to know what happens when the economy doesn't work.


Any losses to striking entrepreneurs will be less than the ruinous green and leftist policies or the EU's chaotic plans.


In Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas shrugged" strike the entrepreneurs and other business people and top performers. They disappear into a country that is behind an invisible barrier and no one knows where they are. Some commute unnoticed between the two worlds and see themselves camouflaged, for example as workers, how their strike works.


However, all strikers leave a noticeable gap that increases the more leaders disappear. In the end, there is a huge chaos that nobody can control anymore, least of all the politicians, who have a strong resemblance to some who are now governing. I don't want to reveal too much, the novel is very exciting to read.


Ayn Rand wrote the book in the 1950s, but it is very current today.



The middle class has many reasons to strike, it keeps the economy running and is squeezed from above and below.



No environmental protection without economy


The EU is planning a green deal that will cost billions of your taxpayers' money and the small and medium-sized businesses that have generated it will certainly have no influence on where it goes.


The precondition for environmental protection is a functioning economy with a strong middle class. For environmental management we need sewage treatment plants, filters, recycling and protection of forests and seas, worldwide. These techniques were developed by companies, mainly those of the middle class. They have been protecting the environment for decades.


The money for "climate protection" would be much better invested in real and controlled environmental projects in the whole world. Environmental technology is not yet available everywhere.


Green harassment is ruining companies in Europe. Then you have no money and no more technology for environmental protection and see what stinking air and dirty water. My 1991 book on environmental management was sold out long before Greta was born.


Current a many Adults are doing business with Greta Thunberg and her young fans, not only NOGs, but also Politicians (CO2 taxes), climate institutes (collects millions € taxpayers annually), CO2-certification dealer, the media and so on…



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Eco tyranny II, painted and photographed by Regula Heinzelmann


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