The Great Business with Greta


Text from Regula Heinzelmann 


2023, 20 september


The business with the climate thesis has grown tremendously, as the photo shows.



2019, 23 september




Current a many Adults are doing business with Greta Thunberg and her young fans, not only NOGs, but also Politicians (CO2 taxes), climate institutes (collects millions € taxpayers annually), CO2-certification dealer, the media and Greta's parents (bestseller).änzen-fürs-establishment/



No environmental protection without functioning economy


For environmental management you need sewage treatment plants, filters, recycling and protection of forests and seas, worldwide. Much money for "climate protection" would be much better invested in real environmental projects in the whole world. 


The precondition for environmental protection is a functioning economy with a strong middle class. Environmental management does not work with poverty or socalsm.


Green harassment is ruining companies in Europe, that have successfully managed environmental protection  for decades and developed products for them. Then you have no money and no more technology for environmental protection and see what stinking air and dirty water. My 1991 book on environmental management was sold out long before Greta was born.



CO2-thesis refuted since 100 years

Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927), physicist, chemist and Nobel laureate, a relative of Greta Thunberg, developed the CO2 thesis, which was refuted during his lifetime. By the way, he judged the global warming positively, there would be fewer crop failures and famines. There are many counter-theses, but critics of the IPCC have been systematically discriminated for years.



Even an ordinary weather forecast requires high-performance computers to process the complex amounts of data. A longer-term prognosis I therefore consider impossible, by the way, also for the scientists who criticize the co2-thesis.


Climate children - you march for the establishment!






""The big business with Greta"

 picture and photo Copyright by Regula Heinzelmann


The gallows stood at a Friday for future demonstration in Berlin.







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